As a driver – both new and old – the most important thing to maintaining your ability to drive is, well, maintaining the vehicle that you drive. After all, you can’t very well drive without one, and unfortunately, they don’t yet make a car that repairs itself. While not all maintenance can be done by yourself, there are many things you can do to both prevent a problem before it occurs, things you can look for to warn you that something is on its way to going wrong, and things you can do yourself to maintain a fully operational vehicle. After all, your vehicle, though mechanical, is just like you in a way. It needs regular checkups to avoid major issues.
The first thing you can do, as we’ve briefly covered already, is have your car regularly inspected to maintain safety and reduce the cost of a repair. Your vehicle not only needs regular visual inspection; it also needs a diagnostic inspection too, to make sure all the parts (the battery, for instance, or the transmission) are in good and working order. The diagnostic inspection will help your mechanic to pinpoint potential problems within your vehicle without having to actually take the car apart, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

You will recall that we also said previously that not all maintenance areas can be done on your own. While this is true, and you will likely need a trained mechanic to inspect and repair your car when something major goes wrong, there are a few important things that you can check yourself that will keep your vehicle running smoothly, and help to reduce the likelihood of problems down the road.