We have strong moral principles

  • We always treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and external partners with etiquacy.
  • We have aligned values and behavior.
  • We cooperate and openly share knowledge and information within the Company.
  • We deliver on our promises and never put off the hard decisions.
  • Our actions consistently exhibit our high quality values.

Respect is a guiding value at Otek

“Respect” guides all of our daily interactions – with each other, with our customers and even with our products.

  • Our Otek values are a journey, not a destination; we’re always moving forwards and evolving. It is important we continue to live, learn and embrace the values into the future. This philosophy resonates with our belief that everything begins with respect, and we thank him for sharing his story.

Code of Ethics, at Otek

  • No service or repairs will be recommended or performed that are not needed.
  • No service will be performed without prior customer approval.
  • Customers are to be provided a complete invoice that clearly and completely defines all work performed.
  • No billing shall be rendered for any service not performed.