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Within the last 15 years at our present location, we have seen & repaired all manner of vehicle damage that can happen with road accidents. We have the experience & skills to quickly assess your damage & provide you with an accurate & easily understood quotation for your decision. No more shady repairs & slapped together quotes that leave you in the dark about your vehicle. All our workmanship is through & built to stay that way, for your safety & satisfaction.

MINOR Panel Damage
Minor repairs, like a small dent or scratch can be easily fixed, usually without the need to repaint the area.
Boot / Bonnet or bumper bar realignments can also be performed quickly.

MAJOR Panel Damage
With major panel repairs, where substantial damage has occurred to your car, this can be quickly assessed, photographed and an accurate quotation produced that enables you to make an educated decision regarding the work needed to be done & the costs associated with the repairs. Our experienced panel beaters can quickly have replacement parts located from dedicated suppliers, which are thoroughly checked before fitting.  All repairs are undertaken by our experienced & qualified panel repair staff, that ensure your repairs are completed to the standard required by your vehicles manufacturer.